Hatred and disinformation do not build workers’ power or solidarity.

When cyberbullies attack, using vile and hateful words against others; when social media feeds are used to label, accuse, and detract from the real issues; when desktop warriors spend hours trolling online but will not spend an ounce of energy building positive workplaces and communities; it weakens us all.

Make no mistake, critical thought is necessary to build class power and a dynamic union. It is the basis of respect and freedom. Insults and abuse are not. Critical and class-based analysis strengthens the rights and working conditions of everyone. Such exchanges can develop in respectful ways to achieve a common goal. Participation, cooperation, and honest fact sharing and analysis, reflect practices and values that help us to find common ground to go forward together. It is an ongoing and never-ending struggle with victories and defeats.

This is the opposite of the cyber bully, who seeks the lowest common denominator, the most harmful insult, and presents as fact misleading or untrue statements and opinions about others.

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