CUPW has just launched the new chapter in our Delivering Community Power (DeCoPo) campaign. We need to hit the ground running if we are to capitalize on the unprecedented times in which we live and make our vision a reality.

As a first step, CUPW needs your help. We are beginning a process to gather a pool of candidates in order to select nine coordinators from among the membership who will work on this important campaign from November 2020 until April 2021. These coordinators will take on a variety of tasks and organizing that will take place regionally, nationally and yes, often virtually.

We need people who are outgoing, flexible, have access to a good internet connection (given the times in which we live), have good writing skills, previous DeCoPo or climate action experience, or CUPW activist or facilitation experience. If you are bilingual, that is good too, but not a criteria except for one position. If you think you have the needed skills for this job, please consider applying.

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