Ignite Change! Global Assembly of Workers Aims to Create Big Transition!

Workers the world over are disrespected in a race to the bottom. Now, we are assembling virtually, together across the planet to develop far-reaching changes that favour sustainability for workers, our communities and the planet in the post-COVID world. Enough is enough. Everyone is invited to take part!

CUPW is one of five Canadian and 41 international co-convenor unions for this worldwide assembly called:

Pandemic and Beyond: Workers Organizing for a Public Future
This assembly will discuss many issues, including, but not limited to:

  • Defending and Restoring Vital Public Services: Health, Education, Post and Transport;
  • Beyond Insecurity: A New Approach to Work, Wages and Wealth Distribution;
  • Making Austerity History: Reclaiming Finance to Pay for the Future We Want.

This is an opportunity to engage with workers in Canada and other countries to think collectively about ways to impose the seismic and profound change necessary to the world’s dysfunctional economic and social systems. These are the systems that drive profit at the expense of human dignity and unhealthy workplaces.

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