The core value of any union is being there for each other when help is needed. It couldn’t be truer than on the morning of January 5, 2021.

George Tomaszewski, a postal worker for over 45 years, stepped outside of his Scarborough, Ontario facility to have a cigarette. He then collapsed and struck his head.

A co-worker, John Greer, immediately intervened. Brother Greer, who has worked at Canada Post since 2016, is a trained first aider. He started chest compressions after detecting no pulse nor any breathing. While he was administrating CPR, another co-worker, also a first aider, ran inside the facility to get the AED/defibrillator.

Emergency Medical Services arrived at the scene soon after, took charge, and saved our co-worker.

I’m happy to share that Brother Tomaszewski is now stable and recovering after going through two cardiac arrests.

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