We all deserve to feel safe at work. And if something happens, if we experience violence or harassment, there should be an easy and safe way to report our experiences. However, we know all too well that there are many barriers to reporting, and oftentimes, victims suffer in silence. This cycle needs to stop.

The Canadian Labour Congress teamed up with researchers from Western University and the University of Toronto to create a country-wide survey about the impact of harassment and violence in the workplace. Launched in October 2020, the survey will be online for six months.

The survey is an opportunity to learn about the context of these behaviours, to gain a deeper understanding of barriers to reporting and a clearer picture of what happens when workers do report.

CUPW encourages all members to fill out this survey. For us to put an end to harassment and violence in the workplace, we need to know what is happening and how best to support those affected. The survey is for everyone, regardless of their gender, occupation, position or experience of workplace harassment and violence.

The information is confidential and participants cannot be identified.

All the information collected is anonymous.

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