Following many discussions with Canada Post representatives and after reviewing the arbitration decision, in great detail, some clarifications to the June 18, 2020 Bulletin (#152) are required.

Arbitrator MacPherson’s award only covers hours worked in excess of 40 hours a week. It also includes a trigger to have access to overtime payment.

The Union’s Interpretation of this New Language

All hours worked by RSMCs and Permanent Relief Employees (PRE) and On-Call Relief Employees (OCRE) beyond forty (40) hours per week, will be paid at 1.5 times your derived hourly rate, regardless of the time value listed on the Schedule A, once the trigger is initiated.

The condition to get access to these payments starts with the route holder working over an average of 40 hours during any two (2) consecutive weeks. Then, until the Corporation has reduced the average workweek to an average of forty hours, any employee working on the route is entitled to additional payment for the difference between the actual number of hours worked and 40 hours.

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