The Arbitrator’s decision contained some improvements to address the issue of overtime on letter carrier routes. She did not accept all of our proposals to allow letter carriers more options to reduce the overtime on their routes.

Compulsory Overtime

The parties had agreed to suspend clause 15.14 – Compulsory overtime on other routes. The issue that was in dispute was when the suspension of this clause would end. The Arbitrator accepted CPC’s position and this clause will be back in force on January 1, 2022, one month prior to the expiration of the collective agreement.

Work/Life Balance – Appendix “LL”

The Arbitrator accepted some of the changes to this Appendix that we proposed. Our proposals were designed to minimize unwanted overtime and make getting assistance more accessible and flexible.

The “Work and Life Balance” section of this appendix allows you to request to have the overtime on your route covered on an occasional basis if you have a family commitment, appointment and/or other legitimate personal needs. The Arbitrator accepted our proposal to include Relief Letter Carriers (RLC) in this section.

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