What is a Grievance?

A grievance is a written complaint presented by the union to the employer. Union representatives, including stewards, may present a grievance if they believe that an employee, a group of employees, the membership as a whole, or the union has been aggrieved or treated unjustly or unfairly. Only the union can present or withdraw a grievance.

Submit a Grievance

Download the PDF forms:
Grievance Investigation Form

Witness Statement

Request for Personal File

The Local cannot over-emphasize the importance of accuracy and timing when filing a grievance. Grievances are often won or lost based on good notes. It is imperative to write down the facts as soon as they happen, and just as importantly, to have witnesses to the alleged grievance. Under the collective agreement the Corporation must allow you grievance time. The Local suggests you make use of this time. Don’t be in a rush to fill out a grievance form. Ask a steward to help you, as they have the training to ensure the right information is documented. Remember, if you can’t understand the way you filled out a form, you can hardly expect a union representative to properly present it to the Corporation.

The levels of a grievance and time limits are as follows:

  • You have 25 working days from the time you became aware there was a grievance, this is extended to 60 days for a group grievance.
  • Once the Local files your grievance there is a local grievance hearing schedule usually 20-30 days after filing
  • If your grievance is denied at first level, and it probably will be, your grievance will receive an arbitration date
  • There are meetings held between the Corporation and the Union before a scheduled arbitration. These are called pre arbs and are used to try and settle or at least narrow down the issues, before an arbitration is held.

Members are responsible to supply the Local with:

  • Your 24 notice of interview.
  • The narrative of interview you receive from the Corporation. This is generally separate from a discipline letter.
  • Any letter of discipline from the Corporation.

ANY TIME YOU RECEIVE A LETTER FROM THE CORPORATION THAT STATES “A LETTER WILL BE PLACED ON YOUR PERSONAL FILE” you should immediately review it with a Steward (preferably the one that handled your interview, if you chose to use a steward) and contact the office to review whether or not a grievance needs to be filed. DO NOT ASSUME THE LETTER MEANS NOTHING.