Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers (RSMCs) ratified a collective agreement on Sept. 30, 2003, making them CUPW members and Canda Post employees. This move allowed RSMCs the opportunity to bargain collectively for fair wages and work conditions. The 6,000 RSMCs deliver mail in rural and suburban areas. Seventy percent are women and over thirty percent of RSMCs work out of offices with letter carriers and clerks. The rest work with rural postmasters.

Collective Agreement for Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers (Expires: December 31, 2017) (PDF)

Working in the Heat

While summer has been late to arrive in many regions, some have already experienced heat waves, and it is very likely that more will occur again this year. Find out about the dangers posed by heatwaves. Take the necessary precautions and encourage your brothers and sisters to do the same. Take Precautions Slow down. Your…

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RSMC Pay Equity Retro Wage Payment

The retro wage portion of the pay equity award will be paid on June 13, 2019. Below is information provided by Canada Post. A detailed breakdown of the underlying data will be available, for each pay period in the retroactive period, on Employee Self Serve (ESS) beginning on Sunday June 9th. When you log in…

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RSMC Global Offer!

On Saturday, November 17, 2018 we responded to Canada Post’s November 14th global offer by presenting them with a global offer that addresses our needs and our demands. A Negotiated Collective Agreement is Possible We believe that our proposal can be the basis of a collective agreement. To that end we have requested that the…

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