Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers (RSMCs) ratified a collective agreement on September 30, 2003, making them CUPW members and Canada Post employees. This move allowed RSMCs the opportunity to bargain collectively for fair wages and work conditions. 6,000 RSMCs deliver mail in rural and suburban areas. Seventy percent are women and over thirty percent of RSMCs work out of offices with letter carriers and clerks. The rest work with rural postmasters.

Pay Equity Update

Canada Post Finally Provides a Timeline for Employees on Workers Compensation Board (WCB) for the Retroactive Period It has been 11 months since the “phase 3” retro payment for pay equity was paid out by CPC. Following this payment, CPC was to work on getting payment to RSMCs who were off work on Injury on…

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CPC Failed in Their Attempt to Change Arbitrator MacPherson’s Award on RSMC Variable Allowance, Knowledge Sort and Civic Address Allowance

Following the publication of the arbitration award of Arbitrator MacPherson, Canada Post management formally requested that she correct her award with respect to the monetary increases for the variable allowance (householder delivery) and the knowledge sort and civic address allowance. On June 29, 2020, after hearing arguments from the legal counsel of both CUPW and…

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RSMC Job Retention

Job Retention is new for RSMCs. Since RSMCs are now paid the derived hourly rate of Letter Carriers, there could be an incentive for Canada Post to contract out bargaining unit work. CUPW needed to ensure the work that RSMCs perform every day is protected. Why Was This Needed? CUPW argued that there was little…

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