As of March 5, 2020, 45 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Canada. In addition, the Government of Quebec reported their third case of COVID-19 and the Government of Alberta reported their first case of COVID-19. The provinces have sent their presumptive positive samples to the National Microbiology Laboratory for further testing.

Risk for travellers

The risk to Canadian travellers may vary depending on their destination. We invite you to consult the PHAC website (below) to find out how COVID-19 is spreading in different countries.


Disinfected Chinese Mail

Since January 23, 2020, China’s postal service has taken the initiative to disinfect the country’s outgoing mail with a diluted bleach-based solution called 84 Disinfectant*. This solution dries out during transport. When bags containing Chinese mail are opened, an odour resembling diluted chlorine can be noticed. The Union has ensured that the Corporation adequately informs members and responds to their various concerns.

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