** Since this bulletin was published, CUPW has continued consultation with Canada Post around wearing masks at work. We will provide additional information in the coming days, so please stay tuned! **

As the second wave of COVID unfolds, CUPW has emerging concerns that we’re keeping a close watch on:

a) we’re seeing rising numbers of confirmed cases among our membership, and


b) we now know of cases of workplace transmission, which is something that we fortunately did not face in wave one. This may bring us new issues to deal with.

The second wave also comes with a colder change of seasons and other new factors. Knowledge on COVID-19 transmission is improving all the time. We cannot be complacent and we will have to be open to health and safety measures that are different from those that got us through the first wave.

For instance, CUPW has been following provincial legislation and regulation with regard to mandatory face coverings in the workplace. We must remain clear: It is Canada Post Corporation’s obligation to protect the health and safety of its employees – in consultation with the appropriate bargaining agents – and it is CUPW’s place to represent the interests and rights of our members.

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