The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) represents over 50,000 postal workers, cleaners, food couriers, drivers, vehicle mechanics, warehouse workers, printers, and emergency and medical dispatchers across Canada.

We commend you for your bold act of solidarity and wish to let you know that CUPW stands behind the Movement for Black Lives and all workers who will be striking on Monday, July 20, to fight for an end to systemic racism, white supremacy, and for justice for workers of colour.

Our union condemns systemic racism based on white supremacy, corporate greed and the profit-driven capitalist system that drives workers to the bottom. We join you in calling on elected representatives to change laws and practices in favour of labour and unionization, to defund the police, to create a satisfactory social net so that no one is left behind, and to tackle climate change. Further, we must ensure our societies are places where all bodies of equal value are held. The legacy of slavery must finally be put to bed once and for all. We stand with our racialized sisters and brothers leading this struggle so that all of us will experience our right to dignity and respect.

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